Fitness Classes


If you’re looking for an alternative strength building session to add to your weekly Fitness and Wellbeing repertoire, then ABC (Absolute Body Conditioning) is this Thursday’s class challenge at Savvy Studios, Hayle.

ABC (Absolute Body Conditioning) is an advanced and sustained workout using a fusion of Pilates based exercises combined with body weight and resistance bands to create the perfect whole-body workout.

During the session, exercises are held for short periods before transitioning through a fluid and uninterrupted motion onto the next movement. This is a cardio based class without the need to jump or bounce but it will definitely get the heart pumping and you will work up a sweat. Bring a towel and bottle of water!


“Change happens through movement and movement heals.” Joseph Pilates

Pilates is a form of exercise which concentrates on strengthening the body with an emphasis on core strength. It also focuses on the mind-body connection. While doing the various exercises your mind will become aware of your breathing and the way your body moves. This helps to improve general fitness and overall wellbeing. Pilates is very much about being in control of your body and focuses on posture, balance and flexibility.


“OMG you look amazing!”

Barre is a total body workout aimed at targeting and conditioning the small muscle groups to really shape and define your body. Classes are mainly done at the Barre in a controlled and safe way but challenging enough to get the heart pumping. You also get to enjoy great tunes as you workout!


“Yoga is not about touching your toes. It is what you learn on the way down.”

Yoga is an ancient form of exercise that focuses on strength, flexibility and breathing to boost physical and mental wellbeing. Yoga is great for reducing stress and allowing for greater relaxation. Once you get into Yoga though, you learn that it is so much more than just a way to workout and keep in shape. It is a philosophy, a passion and a way of life for many of those involved in Yoga. The main components of yoga are postures (a series of movements designed to increase strength and flexibility) and breathing.