90 Minutes – £25

A Forgotten Treasure – The Archival Mat

Inspired by original footage of Joseph Pilates teaching (owned by The Pilates Centre, Boulder), we will explore how the Mat repertoire, when stripped of the later influences of dance, can really emphasise strength and power rather than a reliance on flexibility. We will further explore how to modify these original exercises to allow all levels of client to achieve this fantastically strong and empowering version of the Mat work.

About the Teacher

Joanne Cobbe is the owner of J Pilates and The Pilates Retreat. She has both worked and taught in the fitness industry for over 20 years and was the Principal Tutor with the Pilates Institute. She works as a consultant for other fitness and Pilates training companies and has presented around the world. 

Joanne passionately believes in striking a balance between honouring the original repertoire and teaching a creative and evolved approach.

Please note this workshop is not an injury rehab service and will only be suitable to those with a good knowledge of the Pilates Mat Work Repertoire. You will need to be prepared to work hard! If in doubt please email info@savvystudios.co.uk to check the suitability.