Aerial Pilates Workshops – 17th December 2019

Aerial Pilates embraces the fundamentals of classical Pilates adapting these movements in specialist hammocks to create the ultimate stability challenge. This class will help you focus on achieving the best posture, improved alignment and core stability with the benefits of increased awareness of body position and movement. Beginners will start with exercises low to the floor, before advancing to full body suspension and inversions. It is not only a fun and dynamic way to increase fitness but also a great way to rebalance the mind and body. Our Aerial Pilates classes have no more than 5 people so we can give 100% care and attention and is ideal for all ability levels.

Class 1 - High Hammock:

5:30 pm - 6:30 pmClass 1 - High Hammock: £15- Grace Sellwood

Suitable for the more confident who love to hang out upside down! Inversions (being upside down) are at the core of high hammocks and are an incredible way to release your hips and spine, also challenging your circulation and making the heart stronger.

Class 2 - Low Hammock:

6:45 pm - 7:45 pmClass 2 - Low Hammock: £15- Grace Sellwood

Perfect to get your abs working, your shoulders strong, and the mind peaceful.
Using a hammock, suspended low to the ground, creates an unstable surface to challenge your Pilates practice whilst building confidence to take it higher into the air!

Class 3 - Restorative:

8:00 pm - 9:00 pmClass 3 - Restorative: £15- Grace Sellwood

Perfect for those who just need a good chill. Rebalance your mind, body and find a sense of calm through this wonderfully peaceful class. Let your thoughts take you to paradise as you “hang out” in this tranquil space.