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  1. Acro Dance
  2. Adult Ballet
  3. Adult Contemporary Lyrical
  4. Adult Dance Fit
  5. Adult Tap
  6. Children’s Ballet
  7. Preparatory Ballet
  8. Primary Ballet
  9. Grade 1 Ballet
  10. Grade 2 Ballet
  11. Grade 3 Ballet
  12. Grade 4 Ballet
  13. Grade 5 Ballet
  14. Intermediate Ballet
  15. Advanced 1 Ballet
  16. PBT – Progressive Ballet Technique
  17. Ballet Mini’s
  18. Barre
  19. Body Conditioning
  20. Commercial Dance
  21. Contemporary Modern Jazz
  22. Lyrical
  23. Pilates
  24. Tap
  25. Theatre Craft
  26. Yoga




  1. Acro Dance


“A Fusion of Dance and Acrobatics for Children!”



  • Acro dance is a dynamic and demanding dance style that seamlessly blends dance, acrobatics, and artistic expression. Recognized by various names such as acrobatic dance or gymnastic dance, it provides an exciting avenue for children to express themselves while developing physical and creative skills.


Key Features:

  • Hybrid Art Form:
    • Combines the grace of dance with the power and precision of acrobatics.
    • Integrates balancing, limbering, tumbling, and partnering into dance routines.


  • Physical Demands:
    • Requires exceptional physical fitness, emphasizing strength, flexibility, and balance.
    • Cultivates dance techniques alongside acrobatic skills.


  • Safety First:
    • Emphasizes safety with proper body alignment, controlled movements, and progressive skill development.
    • Reputable studios prioritize teaching safe techniques, reducing the risk of injuries.


  • Strength and Conditioning:
    • Involves strength and conditioning exercises to build muscle strength and endurance.
    • Regular stretching routines enhance the ability to execute acrobatic manoeuvres effectively and safely.


  • Artistic Expression:
    • Provides a unique platform for children to convey emotions and stories through movement.
    • Allows for creative and expressive choreography with the integration of acrobatics.


  • Collaboration and Trust:
    • Fosters collaboration and trust through partnering and group routines.
    • Enhances teamwork and communication skills among young dancers.


  • Progressive Skill Development:
    • Follows a structured curriculum, allowing students to advance from fundamental moves to complex acrobatic sequences.
    • Builds confidence and skills progressively.


  • Performance Opportunities:
    • Dance schools organize recitals and performances, providing opportunities for children to showcase their talents.
    • Boosts self-confidence and stage presence.


  • Versatility:
    • Acro dancers can incorporate acrobatic skills into various dance styles, creating a versatile foundation for aspiring dancers.



  • Acro dance offers a thrilling and artistically expressive experience for children, combining dance and acrobatics. Emphasizing safety, physical fitness, and creative expression, this dance style fosters collaboration and progressive skill development. Through performance opportunities, young dancers can showcase their talents, boosting confidence in this versatile fusion of dance and acrobatics.




  1. Adult Ballet


Unveiling Physical and Mental Wellness



  • Explore the holistic benefits of Adult Ballet, a dance form that offers a blend of physical exercise and mental well-being for adults.


Key Features:

  • Whole-Body Workout:
    • Provides a comprehensive workout, strengthening muscles, promoting healthy bones, and aiding in calorie burn.


  • Cognitive Functions:
    • Enhances cognitive functions, including coordination and concentration, by engaging the full range of muscles.


  • Health Benefits:
    • Beyond improving posture and balance, adult ballet has positive effects on mental health.
    • Reduces symptoms of depression, arthritis, and diabetes.
    • Fends off dementia and osteoporosis.


  • Mindfulness and Music:
    • Utilizes beautiful music combined with a focus on posture, balance, arms, legs, and coordination.
    • Creates a state of mindfulness, promoting contentment and calm.


  • Physical Release:
    • The flowing movements act as a gentle massage, releasing tension throughout the body.
    • Increases oxygen intake and expels toxins, leading to a serene state during and after class.



  • Adult Ballet is more than a dance form; it’s a holistic approach to physical and mental well-being. Through a whole-body workout, cognitive engagement, and numerous health benefits, adult ballet provides a unique experience for participants. The focus on mindfulness, coupled with beautiful music, creates a sense of calm and contentment, making it not just a dance class but a journey towards overall wellness.




  1. Adult Contemporary Lyrical


“A Fusion of Expression and Fitness!”



  • Explore the world of Adult Contemporary Lyrical Dance, a captivating dance style that encourages expressive movement and artistic exploration in a supportive environment.


Key Features:

  • Freedom of Expression:
    • Tailored for individuals who thrive on moving freely and expressing themselves through dance.
    • The class provides a platform for uninhibited creative expression set to captivating music.


  • Promoting Physical Fitness:
    • Offers a holistic approach to physical fitness by promoting strength, stamina, flexibility, and coordination.
    • Engages participants in a dynamic and expressive workout, contributing to overall health and well-being.


  • Focus on Technique and Performance:
    • Emphasizes not only learning choreography but also developing essential dance techniques.
    • Cultivates performance skills to ensure a well-rounded and enriching dance experience for participants.



  • Embark on a journey of artistic exploration and physical fitness with Adult Contemporary Lyrical Dance. This class is designed for those who seek the freedom to express themselves through movement, all set to captivating music. Beyond the artistic aspect, the class promotes physical well-being by enhancing strength, stamina, flexibility, and coordination. With a balanced focus on technique and performance, participants can enjoy a comprehensive and fulfilling dance experience.




  1. Adult Dance Fit


“Groove, Sweat, and Stay Fit!”



Introducing Adult Dance Fit—a dynamic fitness class that infuses the joy of dance into a high-energy workout, promising a fun and effective way to stay active.


Key Features:

  • Fitness with Dance Element:
    • Dance Fit seamlessly combines fitness and dance, featuring easy-to-follow routines set to upbeat tunes.
    • Participants experience the benefits of a workout infused with the joy of dance.


  • Fun and High Intensity:
    • A lively and high-intensity, full-body workout that integrates dance moves with traditional aerobic exercises.
    • Creates an enjoyable and energizing atmosphere for participants.


  • Calorie Burning:
    • Effectively burns calories by engaging the entire body in dynamic movements.
    • Varied routines cater to different fitness goals, including cardio and targeted toning for areas like legs, bums, and tums.


  • Versatile Routines:
    • Offers diverse routines, some focusing on cardio for overall fitness, while others target specific areas for toning.
    • Keeps workouts exciting and adaptable to individual preferences.


  • Accessibility:
    • Designed for individuals of various fitness levels, making it accessible to everyone.
    • Provides an easy and enjoyable way to stay active, fostering a welcoming environment for participants.



  • Prepare to groove, sweat, and stay fit with Adult Dance Fit—a dynamic fitness class blending the best of dance and exercise. With its fun and high-intensity approach, this full-body workout ensures effective calorie burning. The versatility of routines, catering to both cardio and targeted toning, makes it an accessible and enjoyable fitness option for individuals of all levels. Join the rhythm and embrace a vibrant and active lifestyle with Adult Dance Fit.




  1. Adult Tap


“A Holistic Body and Mind Workout!”



  • Tap dancing at Savvy Studios transcends traditional dance experiences, offering a holistic workout for both the body and mind. Discover the unique blend of physical and mental benefits that make Adult Tap the perfect fit for you.


Key Features:

  • Physical and Mental Benefits:
    • Tap is a proven combination of physical and mental exercise, enhancing memory, coordination, and overall brain health. It promotes better bone density and overall fitness.


  • Brain Workout:
    • Involves learning and memorizing rhythm patterns, providing an excellent brain workout. The mathematical exercise reinforces concepts taught in schools, contributing to improved cognitive function.


  • Mental Exercise:
    • Crucial for adults and seniors, mental exercise in Adult Tap helps maintain healthy brain activity and may prevent disorders such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.


Adult Tap Classes at Savvy Studios:

  • Adult Tap Beginner:
    • Tailored for those new to tap dancing, providing a welcoming and supportive environment for skill development.


  • Adult Tap Advanced:
    • Designed for experienced tappers, offering challenges and opportunities for further skill refinement.


  • Inclusive Experience:
  • Classes are designed to cater to different skill levels, ensuring an inclusive and enjoyable experience for everyone.



  • Adult Tap at Savvy Studios goes beyond dance, offering a unique fusion of physical and mental exercise. With proven benefits for memory, coordination, and overall brain health, Adult Tap is a rewarding journey for individuals of all skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced tapper, our inclusive classes provide a supportive environment for skill development and enjoyment. Join us in the rhythmic world of Adult Tap for a holistic body and mind workout.




  1. Children’s Ballet:


“Building Foundations with Savvy Studios!”



  • Children’s Ballet at Savvy Studios establishes a strong foundation in classical ballet, focusing on posture, strength, body placement, and precise dance techniques. Aligned with the International Dance Teacher Association (IDTA) syllabus, the program offers various levels from Preparatory to Advanced 2, maintaining exacting standards.


Key Features:

  • Classical Ballet foundation for all dance forms.
  • Aligned with the renowned International Dance Teachers Association (IDTA) syllabus, offering levels from Preparatory to Advanced 2.
  • Exam participation is optional, not mandatory.
  • Under the IDTA syllabus, Ballet is categorised into various grades:
    • Preparatory Ballet
    • Primary Ballet
    • Grade 1
    • Grade 2
    • Grade 3
    • Grade 4
    • Grade 5
    • Intermediate
    • Advanced 1
    • Advanced 2


Selecting the Right Class: Nurturing Young Dancers



  • Savvy Studios offers Ballet classes for children as young as 2 years old. The Ballet Mini’s class, tailored for preschoolers, encourages parental involvement. As children progress, they move through levels such as Preparatory Ballet and Primary Ballet, providing a structured and enchanting introduction to dance.


Key Features:

  • Ballet classes open from age 2, starting with Ballet Mini’s for preschoolers.
  • Parental involvement in early classes.
  • Progression through levels, from Preparatory to Advanced, as children grow.



Older Children Embarking on Ballet: Options and Considerations



  • Ballet is inclusive for children of all ages. Those starting after Year 1 can choose classes based on age and skill level, with options discussed with the school Principal. Prospective students and parents are encouraged to consult with the school before enrolment for tailored advice.


Key Features:

  • Ballet open to children of all ages.
  • Class selection based on age and skill level.
  • Consultation with the school Principal for personalised guidance.


Pointe in Ballet: A Milestone with Caution



  • Going on pointe in ballet is a significant milestone requiring careful consideration. Factors such as age, physical development, strength, ankle and foot strength, individual readiness, dedication, proper shoe fitting, and ongoing supervision play crucial roles. Safety and well-being take precedence, with a qualified ballet teacher guiding this progression.


Key Features:

  • Pointe work milestone requires careful consideration.
  • Factors include age, physical development, strength, ankle and foot strength, dedication, and proper shoe fitting.
  • Ongoing monitoring and supervision for safe progression.



  • Children’s Ballet at Savvy Studios is a structured journey from foundational principles to advanced techniques. With classes catering to various age groups and levels, the program emphasizes a holistic approach to dance education, ensuring the safety and well-being of young dancers at every stage, including the significant milestone of going on pointe.



  1. Preparatory Ballet


Preparatory ballet is a magical introduction to the enchanting world of dance, where tiny feet take their first delicate steps into the realm of grace and poise.


At Savvy Studios our young ballet dancers are guided with warmth and expertise as these young dancers embark on a journey of discovery, unlocking the wonders of movement and expression. Through playful exercises and imaginative storytelling, preparatory ballet not only teaches the fundamentals of ballet technique but also nurtures creativity and self-confidence in our littlest dancers. Each plié becomes a joyous adventure, every tendu a step towards self-discovery.



  1. Primary Ballet


Primary Ballet is a delightful journey into the world of dance, where young hearts and eager spirits come together to explore the magic of movement.


With warmth and guidance, these budding ballet stars take their first significant steps toward mastering the art of grace and expression. In this enchanting stage of their dance education, Primary Ballet not only refines technique but also fosters a sense of camaraderie, discipline, and self-discovery.


Through whimsical routines and imaginative exercises, these young dancers learn to embrace the joy of ballet, transforming each plié and twirl into a celebration of their burgeoning talent.


Our aim is to ensures that, at this formative age, Primary Ballet becomes a source of inspiration, laying the groundwork for a lifelong love affair with the beauty and elegance of dance.



  1. Grade 1 Ballet


Grade 1 Ballet marks a pivotal moment in a young dancer’s journey, where the enchantment of movement meets the structured discipline of the art form.


With the esteemed guidance of our professional ballet teachers at Savvy Studios, these budding artists embark on a more structured exploration of ballet techniques and expression.


Each plié and arabesque is a stepping stone toward not just technical proficiency but also a deeper understanding of the art’s emotional resonance. Grade 1 Ballet represents a harmonious blend of dedication and joy, where the dancers, like graceful storytellers, weave narratives through their movements.


Grade 1 Ballet becomes a platform for self-discovery, instilling a passion for dance that will accompany them on a journey of growth, artistic expression, and lifelong appreciation for the exquisite world of ballet.



  1. Grade 2 Ballet


Grade 2 Ballet emerges as a radiant chapter in a young dancer’s journey, a moment when the foundations laid in earlier stages blossom into a more intricate dance tapestry.


In Grade 2, the language of ballet becomes more nuanced, with each plié and dégagé serving as brushstrokes on a canvas of self-expression. It’s a stage where technique intertwines with storytelling, and young dancers learn to articulate emotions through their movements.



  1. Grade 3 Ballet


Grade 3 Ballet marks a captivating phase in a dancer’s evolution, where the magic of movement takes on new depth and sophistication under the expert guidance of our ballet teacher.


Young dancers embark on a journey that transcends technical proficiency and embraces artistic expression.


In Grade 3 Ballet, every plié and arabesque becomes a brushstroke in a vibrant canvas of storytelling, as these budding artists learn to convey emotions through their graceful motions.


The teacher’s commitment to excellence ensures that this stage is not just about mastering steps but about fostering creativity, resilience, and a profound connection to the art form.


Grade 3 Ballet becomes a transformative experience, shaping dancers into storytellers who, through the language of dance, paint narratives that inspire and captivate, setting the stage for a future filled with boundless artistic possibilities.



  1. Grade 4 Ballet


In the captivating realm of Grade 4 Ballet, young dancers embark on a balletic journey that transcends mere steps, guided by their dedicated teacher.


This stage marks a turning point where technical prowess intertwines seamlessly with artistic expression.


Each plié and pirouette becomes a brushstroke in the choreography of their individual stories, as these budding artists learn to communicate emotions through the language of dance.


In Grade 4 Ballet, the dance studio transforms into a stage where young performers begin to craft narratives that are uniquely their own, setting the scene for a future adorned with the grace, discipline, and limitless possibilities that ballet has to offer.



  1. Grade 5 Ballet


Embarking on the enchanting journey of Grade 5 Ballet, dancers find themselves at a pivotal stage where technical precision meets artistic finesse.


Each plié and grand jeté becomes a testament to the dancer’s dedication, forging a bond between skill and expression.


In Grade 5 Ballet, the intricacies of movement are not just steps but a profound language, allowing these young artists to convey tales with every tendu and arabesque.


As these dancers gracefully navigate the complexities of Grade 5, they lay the foundation for a future where the art of ballet becomes a captivating journey of self-discovery, artistry, and unwavering determination.



  1. Intermediate Ballet


Embarking on the enchanting journey of Intermediate Ballet, young dancers delve into a transformative odyssey where technique and artistry converge. In this stage, every plié and développé becomes a personal expression in the evolving canvas of their own artistry.


The intricate footwork and expressive movements serve as a testament to the fusion of discipline and passion cultivated within. As these artists refine their skills, they not only master the nuances of classical ballet but also uncover the profound joy of expressing themselves through movement.


Intermediate Ballet is a crucial chapter in their narrative, paving the way for a future where the language of ballet becomes a profound and personal means of communication and self-expression.



  1. Advanced 1 Ballet


Entering the realm of Advanced 1 Ballet, dancers reach the pinnacle of their training, a stage where technical mastery and artistic brilliance converge in a breath-taking dance of dedication and passion.


These dancers navigate the complexities of advanced techniques with a grace that reflects years of unwavering commitment.


Every plié and arabesque is not just a step but a brushstroke, painting a portrait of their artistic journey. In this advanced stage, the language of ballet becomes an eloquent expression of the dancer’s unique voice.


Advanced 1 Ballet is a testament to their resilience, creativity, and unyielding pursuit of excellence. As these remarkable artists soar to new heights, they redefine the boundaries of what is possible, embodying the profound beauty and limitless potential that ballet offers to those who dare to dream and dance.



  1. PBT – Progressive Ballet Technique


Progressive Ballet Technique (PBT) and the delicate realm of pointe work together weave a narrative of transformation and strength in the dancer’s journey.


PBT introduces a revolutionary approach, blending conditioning exercises with traditional ballet movements, nurturing a dancer’s core strength and stability.


The fusion of PBT and pointe work transforms a dancer’s physicality, sculpting resilience and artistry.


Every plié, relevé, and pirouette becomes a testament to the dancer’s commitment to the continuous evolution of their craft.


The harmonious marriage of Progressive Ballet Technique and pointe work not only refines technique but elevates the dancer’s journey into a realm of unparalleled beauty and artistic expression, unlocking the full potential of their artistry.




  1. Ballet Mini’s


“A Magical Introduction to Dance for preschool children!”



  • Ballet Mini’s is an engaging and dynamic dance class specially crafted for preschool children aged 2 to 4. What sets this class apart is the active involvement of parents, creating a shared experience of fun and learning. The class offers an exciting introduction to the world of dance, fostering wonder and enchantment in the early years of a child’s development.


Key Features:

  • Designed for preschool children aged 2 to 4.
  • Active involvement of parents in the class.
  • Focus on creating a shared experience of fun and learning.
  • Encourages graceful movement and self-expression through music.


Developmental Benefits: Nurturing Growth Through Dance



  • Ballet Mini’s extends beyond dance, providing a range of developmental benefits for preschool children. From physical development to emotional expression and cognitive benefits, the class contributes to a holistic growth experience.


Key Benefits:

  • Physical Development:
    • Enhances balance, posture, and flexibility through engaging activities.


  • Emotional Expression:
    • Provides a platform for children to express emotions, fostering emotional intelligence.


  • Parent-Child Bonding:
    • Promotes strong parent-child bonds through shared joy of dance.


  • Social Skills:
    • Fosters cooperation, sharing, and interaction with other children and parents.


  • Discipline:
    • Teaches the importance of practice, patience, and discipline.


  • Creativity:
    • Nurtures creativity by encouraging storytelling through movement.


  • Cognitive Benefits:
    • Enhances memory and pattern recognition, contributing to cognitive development.



  • Ballet Mini’s is not just a dance class; it’s a holistic experience celebrating the magic of movement and the joys of discovery for preschool children. With active parent involvement, the class provides a platform for growth, creativity, and shared moments of joy, laying the foundation for a lifelong appreciation of dance and learning.





  1. Barre


“A Comprehensive and Enjoyable Fitness Experience!”



  • Barre fitness is a dynamic exercise that engages multiple muscle groups, offering a full-body workout with a focus on strength, flexibility, and balance. It incorporates elements of ballet and dance, promoting muscle toning, improved posture, and a sense of community.


Key Features:

  • Full-Body Workout:
    • Engages core, arms, legs, and glutes simultaneously for a comprehensive workout.


  • Improved Posture:
    • Focus on alignment and form contributes to better posture and body awareness.


  • Increased Flexibility:
    • Dynamic stretches and fluid movements enhance flexibility and range of motion.


  • Muscle Toning and Definition:
    • Isometric movements and controlled pulses target specific muscles for toning and definition.


  • Low-Impact Exercise:
    • Accessible to various fitness levels with reduced joint stress, minimizing injury risk.


  • Balance and Stability:
    • Exercises on one leg or in unstable positions improve overall balance and stability.


  • Mind-Body Connection:
    • Incorporates mindfulness and concentration, enhancing mental well-being and reducing stress.


  • Community and Social Interaction:
    • Group classes create a supportive and motivational environment, fostering camaraderie.


  • Adaptable to Various Fitness Levels:
    • Modifications cater to beginners and advanced participants, allowing personalized challenges.


  • Cardiovascular Benefits:
    • Elevates heart rate for cardiovascular fitness, complementing strengthening and toning.


  • Fun:
    • Enjoyable workouts with great tunes create a positive and engaging fitness experience.



  • Barre fitness offers a well-rounded exercise experience, combining strength, flexibility, and balance in a low-impact format. With its inclusive nature, emphasis on community, and enjoyable atmosphere, barre is a versatile and fun option suitable for individuals of all fitness levels.




  1. Body Conditioning


“Elevate Your Strength and Endurance!”



  • Discover a dynamic strength-building session with Body Conditioning at Savvy Studios, offering an alternative to your weekly fitness routine. This advanced workout combines body weight and resistance band exercises for a sustained and challenging whole-body experience.


Key Features:

  • Advanced Strength Building:
    • Tailored for individuals seeking an advanced strength-building workout.


  • Variety of Exercises:
    • Utilizes a fusion of strength-based exercises using body weight and resistance bands.


  • Fluid and Uninterrupted Motion:
    • Exercises involve short holds before transitioning seamlessly to the next movement.


  • Cardio-Based Workout:
    • Offers a cardio-focused workout without the need for jumping or bouncing.


  • Heart-Pumping Intensity:
    • Promises to elevate heart rate and induce sweat, ensuring a challenging session.


  • Equipment:
  • Requires a towel and a water bottle for a comfortable and hydrating experience.



  • Body Conditioning at Savvy Studios is a challenging and advanced strength-building class. Fusing body weight and resistance band exercises, it provides a whole-body workout with fluid transitions between movements. As a cardio-based class without impact, it caters to diverse fitness levels, promising an intense yet low-impact session to enhance strength and endurance. Remember to bring your towel and water bottle for a rewarding workout experience.




  1. Commercial Dance


“Unleash Your Energy and Style!”



  • Embark on an electrifying dance journey with Commercial Dance, a class designed for those seeking a high-energy, sassy dance style. Positioned at the forefront of the entertainment industry, Commercial Dance seamlessly blends urban elements like Hip Hop with the theatrical flair of Jazz. It’s the preferred style for dancers aspiring to perform alongside pop artists, captivate audiences at awards ceremonies, and make a statement in music videos.


Key Features:

  • High-Energy and Sassy Style:
    • Specializes in cultivating a dynamic and sassy dance style.


  • Fusion of Urban and Theatrical Elements:
    • Seamlessly blends urban elements such as Hip Hop with the theatrical flair of Jazz.


  • At the Forefront of Entertainment:
    • Positioned as a leading style in the entertainment industry.


  • Versatile for Various Performances:
    • Ideal for dancers aspiring to perform in arena tours, awards ceremonies, and music videos.


  • Creative Freedom:
    • Allows dancers the creative freedom to express themselves in a trendsetting and fabulous manner.


  • Diverse Range of Classes at Savvy Studios:
    • Classes tailored for individuals from age 5 to 18 years old.


  • Passion Expression and Physical Activity:
    • An extraordinary way to express passion for dance while staying physically active and having fun.



  • Commercial Dance at Savvy Studios is not just a dance class; it’s an exhilarating experience that unleashes your inner sass and style. With a fusion of urban and theatrical elements, this style is a powerhouse in the entertainment industry. From arena tours to music videos, Commercial Dance provides a platform for dancers to showcase their talents with flair and creativity. Join us at Savvy Studios and discover the joy of dancing while mastering the trendsetting art of Commercial Dance!




  1. Contemporary Modern Jazz


“An Expressive Dance Journey!”



  • Immerse yourself in the exhilarating and captivating world of Contemporary Modern Jazz—a dance style that seamlessly blends physicality with artistic expression. Meticulously structured classes at our studio are designed to cultivate the essential strength and flexibility needed to convey profound emotions through diverse musical genres. This dynamic dance form invites you to embark on a journey of movement exploration, embracing a rich tapestry of rhythms and musical styles.


Key Features:

  • Blend of Physicality and Artistic Expression:
    • Offers a unique blend of physicality and artistic expression, creating a captivating dance experience.


  • Structured Classes for Strength and Flexibility:
    • Meticulously designed classes to build the physical strength and flexibility required for emotive storytelling.


  • Movement Exploration:
    • Empowers dancers to explore movements, immersing themselves in a diverse range of rhythms and musical styles.


What to Expect in a Class:

  • Versatility in Musicality:
    • Groove to pulsating beats and gracefully transition to syncopated rhythms, creating a thrilling adventure for the senses.


  • Power of Contrast:
    • Master the contrast of graceful expansion and serene relaxation, incorporating sleek and stylish precision.


  • Art of Isolation:
    • Learn the art of isolation to convey intricate emotions with precision and style.


  • Beyond Choreography:
    • Classes provide a canvas for expressing innermost feelings through dance, fostering self-expression and artistic growth.


  • Ambiance Variety:
    • Classes offer diverse atmospheres, from high-energy dynamics to mellow introspection.


  • Community Building:
    • Interact with fellow students, creating a vibrant and supportive community that enhances self-expression and artistic growth.



  • Contemporary Modern Jazz at our studio is more than a dance class—it’s a journey of self-expression and artistic exploration. With a unique blend of physicality and emotion, dancers are guided through structured classes that build strength and flexibility. The classes go beyond choreography, offering a canvas for personal expression in a vibrant and supportive community. Each session is a thrilling adventure into the diverse and dynamic world of Contemporary Modern Jazz.




  1. Lyrical


“Graceful Fusion of Emotion and Movement!”



  • Lyrical dance is a captivating style that seamlessly blends the grace of ballet with the dynamic elements of jazz. Rooted in a profound connection to music with meaningful lyrics, lyrical dance allows choreographers to convey intense emotions, creating visually compelling and evocative performances. With a focus on individual interpretation and expressiveness, lyrical dance provides a platform for exploring a spectrum of emotions, including love, joy, and anger. The choreography aims to evoke a visceral response by connecting movement to the poignant lyrics of the chosen music.


Key Features:

  • Graceful Fusion of Ballet and Jazz:
    • Seamlessly melds the grace and poise of ballet with dynamic and rhythmic elements of jazz.


  • Connection to Music with Meaningful Lyrics:
    • Rooted in a deep connection to music, with emphasis on lyrics carrying emotional weight.


  • Individual Interpretation and Expressiveness:
    • Places heavy emphasis on the dancer’s unique interpretation and expressiveness.


  • Exploration of Emotions:
    • Offers a platform for exploring and portraying a wide range of emotions, enhancing emotional storytelling.


  • Visceral Audience Connection:
    • Choreography designed to elicit a visceral response by connecting movement to poignant lyrics.


  • Accessibility to All Levels:
    • Welcomes participants of all levels and abilities, making it accessible to a broad spectrum of dancers.


  • Creative Outlet for Personal Expression:
    • Whether a seasoned performer or a novice, lyrical dance provides a creative outlet for personal expression.


  • Blend of Technical Precision and Emotional Depth:
    • Popular in contemporary dance for its blend of technical precision and emotional depth.



  • Lyrical dance, with its graceful fusion of ballet and jazz, is a powerful form of expression rooted in the emotional essence of music. Welcoming dancers of all levels, it provides a platform for personal expression and emotional storytelling. The combination of technical precision and emotional depth has made lyrical dance a popular and influential style, captivating both performers and audiences in the world of contemporary dance.




  1. Pilates


“Holistic Core Strengthening for Mind-Body Wellness!”



  • Pilates stands out as a versatile and holistic exercise form renowned for its emphasis on strengthening the body, especially the core. Its distinctive features make it a special and effective fitness practice.


Key Features:

  • Emphasis on Core Strength:
    • Pilates uniquely targets core strength, fostering a profound mind-body connection.


  • Mind-Body Awareness:
    • Enhances physical fitness while promoting heightened awareness of breathing patterns and body movements.


  • Holistic Well-being:
    • Combining controlled movements and conscious breathing, Pilates enhances physical strength, mental clarity, and reduces stress.


  • Self-Control and Well-rounded Approach:
    • Focuses on self-control, improving posture, balance, strength, and flexibility, reducing the risk of injuries.


  • Inclusivity:
    • Suitable for all age groups and fitness levels, Pilates is adaptable to individual needs, ensuring versatility and inclusivity.



  • Pilates is a holistic exercise form renowned for its focus on core strength, promoting a deep mind-body connection. With an emphasis on self-control and a well-rounded approach to fitness, Pilates enhances physical strength, mental clarity, and overall well-being. Its inclusive nature makes it suitable for individuals of all ages and fitness levels, offering a versatile and adaptable fitness practice for a diverse range of enthusiasts.




  1. Tap


“A Rhythmic and Inclusive Experience!”



  • Tap dance, a dynamic and inclusive form of expression, captivates both children and adults at Savvy Studios. Our children’s tap classes adhere to the International Dance Teachers Association (IDTA) syllabus, ensuring a structured and enriching learning experience.


Key Features:

  • Structured Learning with IDTA Syllabus:
    • Follows the International Dance Teachers Association (IDTA) syllabus, providing a structured and comprehensive tap dance curriculum for children.


Benefits of Tap Dance for Children:

  • Enhanced Coordination:
  • Improves motor skills and coordination through the precise footwork inherent in tap dance.


  • Physical Fitness:
    • Provides a cardiovascular workout, contributing to overall physical fitness and strengthening leg muscles.


  • Creative Expression:
    • Fosters creativity by allowing children to add their flair to routines, promoting self-expression.


  • Cognitive Development:
    • Stimulates cognitive development and enhances memory skills through the learning of tap routines.


  • Social Interaction:
    • Encourages social skills and teamwork as children practice and perform tap routines together.


  • Historical and Cultural Awareness:
    • Introduces children to the cultural significance of tap dance as an art form.


  • Confidence Building:
    • Performing in front of an audience boosts self-esteem and confidence in children.


  • Artistic Appreciation:
    • Instills a love for the arts, fostering appreciation for music, rhythm, and dance.


  • Diverse Styles:
    • Various tap dance styles allow children to explore different forms of artistic expression.



  • Tap dance at Savvy Studios is not just about rhythmic footwork; it’s a holistic experience that enhances coordination, fosters creativity, and promotes cognitive and social development in children. With a structured curriculum aligned with the IDTA syllabus, our tap classes provide a comprehensive learning environment that instills confidence, artistic appreciation, and a love for the rich cultural heritage of tap dance.




  1. Theatre Craft


Expressive Storytelling through Dance



  • Theatre Craft at Savvy Studios is a dynamic dance style that immerses children in the world of expressive storytelling through movement. Aligned with the International Dance Teacher Association (IDTA) examination syllabus, this form of dance captivates children, focusing on theatrical performance and creative expression.


Key Features:

  • Aligned with the International Dance Teachers Association (IDTA) Standards:
    • Follows the exacting standards of the IDTA examination syllabus, ensuring a comprehensive and high-quality dance education.


Immersive Elements of Theatre Craft:

  • Engaging and Vibrant:
    • A dynamic dance form that captivates children, emphasizing theatrical performance and creative expression.


  • Versatile Art Form:
    • Encompasses elements from Musical Theatre, Pantomime, Cabaret, and Show Dance, exposing children to diverse performance styles and storytelling techniques.


  • Storytelling through Movement:
    • Children convey emotions and narratives through movements, fostering creative expression and technical skills.


  • Fundamental Elements:
    • Focuses on key components like kicks, turns, and rhythmic awareness, providing a strong foundation in dance.


  • Props and Accessories:
    • Introduces the use of props and accessories to enhance storytelling, encouraging artistic exploration.


  • Performance Opportunities:
    • Offers numerous chances for children to showcase their talents on stage, building self-confidence and stage presence through recitals and performances.


  • Collaboration:
    • Working in ensembles promotes teamwork, synchronization, and the development of social and communication skills.


  • Music Appreciation:
    • Intertwined with music, exposes children to various musical styles, enhancing their appreciation and rhythmic sensitivity.


  • Costumes and Makeup:
    • Involves experimenting with costumes and makeup, immersing children in the world of theatrical performance.


  • Fun and Enjoyment:
    • More than a dance style, Theatre Craft is an enjoyable journey that encourages creativity, self-expression, and, most importantly, fun.



  • Theatre Craft at Savvy Studios offers a comprehensive and enjoyable dance experience for children. Aligned with the IDTA standards, it combines technical skills with creative expression, immersing children in the diverse world of theatrical performance. From storytelling through movement to the use of props and collaborative performances, Theatre Craft fosters a love for dance, music, and the joy of creative expression.




  1. Yoga


“A Holistic Approach to Wellbeing!”



  • Embark on the ancient practice of Yoga at Savvy Studios, a holistic approach to physical and mental wellbeing. Discover the key components and benefits of integrating Yoga into your lifestyle.


Key Features:

  • Strength, Flexibility, and Breathing:
    • Focuses on building strength, flexibility, and mindful breathing to enhance both physical and mental health.


  • Stress Reduction and Relaxation:
    • A powerful tool for reducing stress and promoting relaxation, contributing to overall wellbeing.


  • Philosophy and Passion:
    • Beyond a workout, Yoga is a philosophy and a way of life, fostering a deep passion for holistic wellbeing.


  • Main Components:
    • Involves postures (movements for strength and flexibility) and focused breathing as the main components.


  • Suitable for All Ages and Abilities:
    • Inclusive and suitable for individuals of all ages and levels of ability, making it accessible to everyone.



  • All necessary equipment including mats, blankets and bands are provided for your Yoga class at Savvy Studios.


  • You are welcome to bring your own mat and equipment if you prefer a personalised setup.



  • Yoga at Savvy Studios is more than a physical practice; it’s a holistic approach to wellbeing. With a focus on strength, flexibility, and mindful breathing, Yoga serves as a powerful tool for stress reduction and relaxation. Rooted in philosophy and passion for holistic living, Yoga is inclusive and suitable for individuals of all ages and abilities. Savvy Studios ensures a comfortable experience by providing all necessary equipment, while also accommodating those who prefer to bring their own. Join us on a journey of self-discovery and holistic wellness through the ancient practice of Yoga.