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  1. Academic Year
  2. Term Dates 2023 – 2024
  3. Christmas Holidays 2023
  4. Easter Holidays 2024
  5. Summer Holidays 2024
  6. Watching Week for Parents
  7. Dance Exams
  8. Summer Show at the Hall for Cornwall
  9. Toilets and changing facilities
  10. Shower Facilities
  11. Bank Holidays
  12. Changing bank details
  13. Children with Special Needs
  14. Classes over holidays and half term breaks
  15. Parents watching lessons
  16. Equipment for classes
  17. Class Waiting List
  18. Studio Hire
  19. Private Lessons
  20. Birthday Parties
  21. The number of students in a class
  22. Practising dance and technique
  23. Dance competitions
  24. Registration Fee
  25. Trial Classes
  26. Refunds not offered
  27. Cancel Subscription



  1. Academic Year


The Savvy Studios class timetable runs parallel with the school academic year. The academic year begins in September and concludes at the end of July. Classes are not held over the half term or holiday periods. The following link is for the ‘Term Dates and Events’ page:




  1. Term Dates 2023 – 2024


Term 1 starts on Monday 4th September 2023. Term 1 ends on Saturday 21st October 2023.


Term 2 starts on Monday 30th October 2023. Term 2 ends on Saturday 16th December 2023.


Term 3 starts on Monday 8th January 2024. Term 3 ends on Saturday 10th February 2024.


Term 4 starts on Monday 19th February 2024. Term 4 ends on Saturday 30th March 2024.


Term 5 starts on Monday 15th April 2024. Term 5 ends on Saturday 25th May 2024


Term 6 starts on Monday 3rd June 2024. Term 6 ends on Saturday 20th July 2024



  1. Christmas Holidays 2023


Savvy Studios closes for the Christmas holidays on Saturday 16th December 2023. The studio will reopen after the Christmas holidays on Monday 8th January 2024



  1. Easter Holidays 2024


Savvy Studios closes for the Easter break on Saturday 30th March 2024. The studio will reopen after the Easter holidays on Monday 15th April 2023



  1. Summer Holidays 2024


Savvy Studios closes for the summer holidays on Saturday 20th July 2024. This also marks the end of the academic year.



  1. Watching Week for Parents


Watching week for parents this term is from Monday 4th December 2023 to Saturday 9th December 2023. Parents and family can come and watch the last 15 minutes of their child’s class.



  1. Dance Exams


The IDTA Dance Exams will take place at Savvy Studios:

Saturday 27th January and Sunday 28th January 2024.

More information about times and which day children will take their exams will be made available closer to the time.

It is not mandatory for the students to take exams but we recognise that it is a positive way of recognising and endorsing all the hard work they have done.



  1. Summer Show at the Hall for Cornwall


The Summer Show at the Hall for Cornwall will take place on Sunday 7th July 2024. All students attending classes at Savvy Studios are invited to be in the show. There is currently no cost for students to be in the show. Further details will be made available closer to the time.



  1. Toilets and changing facilities


Members are welcome to use our toilets and changing facilities when when doing classes at Savvy Studios



  1. Shower Facilities


We do not have shower facilities available for members



  1. Bank Holidays


During term time the studio is open on Bank Holidays.



  1. Changing bank details


To change your bank details, first log into your account by choosing the ‘MEMBERS LOGIN’ option from the menu at the top of the Savvy Studios website. Next choose ‘ACCOUNT’ from the top menu. Next click on ‘SUBSCRIPTIONS’  from the sub menu. Will then have the option to update your card details.



  1. Children with Special Needs


All children are welcome at the Savvy Studios, including children with a disability. Children with disabilities or special needs are still able to enter performance examinations. Please feel free to contact the school to discuss any special requirements.



  1. Classes over holidays and half term breaks


There are no classes over the holiday periods and half term breaks. Regular classes stop for the holidays but we do hold lots of exciting workshops. Please visit our events page to see what’s on.



  1. Parents watching lessons


Dance class is a new world for your child to discover, and all students must be comfortable in their environment for them to flourish. For this reason, family members are not invited into the classroom. We believe all children are most focused when parents are not in the studio. However, we have a Parent Watching Week at the end of each term where parents are invited in to watch the last 15 minutes of their child’s lesson. We also have our Christmas and summer shows for parents and family members to come and see their child perform.



  1. Equipment for classes


We provide all equipment as well as yoga mats, blocks, stretching/TheraBands, hand weights and any other kit used in your class. Please bring a towel if you are taking part in one of our high-intensity cardio classes and don’t forget your water bottle! (Water is available at the water station). Please remember to eat before your workout (but not too close to the start of your class, of course!) and keep hydrated!



  1. Class Waiting List


When classes are full you can sign up to be on the waiting list. When a place becomes available, you will receive an email letting you know. You will have 48 hours to reply to the email otherwise the place will be offered to the next person on the waiting list. Please make sure we have a valid phone number and email, so we can easily contact you. You can use the following link can be used to be put on the waiting list:



  1. Studio Hire


Sorry but Savvy Studios does not hire out its studios or facilities.



  1. Private Lessons


We offer individual and group private classes in fitness, wellbeing and dance including choreography work. Please email us with your goals, style, age, timeframe and any other information that may help us direct you to the right Instructor. Private lessons must be approved by the studio director prior to booking.



  1. Birthday Parties


We do not offer birthday party session at Savvy Studios.



  1. The number of students in a class


The number of students in a fitness class including Pilates and Yoga is a maximum of 14 students. In our younger children’s classes we have a maximum of 16 students.



  1. Practising dance and technique


In order to improve we all need to practise especially when exams or shows are approaching. All dancers should practise at home each week and gently work on their flexibility each day to improve, build on their skills and achieve their dance goals. Ask your teacher how!



  1. Dance competitions


We do not currently do competitions at Savvy Studios.



  1. Registration Fee


We do not charge a registration fee. When enrolling the signup fee includes an advanced monthly payment and the fees for that month. The advanced monthly payment is used to pay for the last month which is July



  1. Trial Classes


You are welcome to trial any of the classes so long as there are spaces available.

Trial classes for children are free and can be booked using the following booking link:

Trial classes for adults cost £10 and can be booked using the following link:



  1. Refunds not offered


No refunds will be given once the term has commenced.



  1. Cancel Subscription


Should you wish to cancel your class subscription, a minimum notice of four weeks is required and written notification of your intention must be provided. This must be emailed to

The non-refundable Advanced Monthly Payment fee paid during the signup process will be used to pay for your final month should you choose to cancel your class place before the end of the academic year.

Your class place will conclude at the end of the month following the month of your last payment.