Join Us in Supporting the Magic of the Arts at Savvy Studios!

At Savvy Studios, we are dedicated to creating magical and memorable experiences for both adults and children through our renowned shows and performances.

Our mission is to inspire, create and empower our students by providing them with unique opportunities and memorable experiences. This is achieved through the production of high-calibre shows where our Savvy Dancers take centre stage and captivate audiences with their poise, confidence and grace of movement through dance.

Unlike many dance schools, we do not charge students a fee for participating in our spectacular shows – a commitment we aim to uphold. We are dedicated to removing financial barriers and ensuring that the joy of dance is accessible to everyone, regardless of their economic background.


We therefore welcome and are very grateful for any contributions we receive towards supporting the shows. It helps to alleviate the ever increasing expenses associated with producing a performance, such as the cost of theatre hire, lighting and technical support, set design and not to forget the many costumes needed for each production.

If you wish to make a donation, you can do so using the ‘Supporting the Savvy Arts form below.

We extend a heartfelt thank you to all of you who are able to support us.

Together let’s continue to create moments of wonder, joy, and inspiration for our amazing students through the power of the arts and dance.