Ginny Thomas

Ginny’s journey in dance began in her home county of Cornwall, where she honed her craft and later pursued formal training in professional musical theatre. Embarking on an exhilarating career as a professional dancer, she travelled the globe, gracing stages not only aboard luxurious cruise ships but also in captivating circus performances, upscale hotels, and traditional theatre’s.


With a wealth of experience spanning a decade, Ginny has transitioned into the realm of education, imparting her expertise to students of all ages and skill levels. Her teaching repertoire encompasses a diverse array of styles and techniques, making her a versatile and dynamic instructor. Known for her passion for fostering creativity and imagination in her students, Ginny brings a unique and engaging approach to the learning experience.


Currently, Ginny finds herself at the forefront of dance education at Truro College, contributing to the dance course as part of her ongoing pursuit of a Certificate in Education (PGCE). In this role, she continues to inspire and guide the next generation of dancers, combining her practical knowledge with a dedication to cultivating a vibrant and innovative learning environment.

Ginny is delighted to be joining the team at Savvy Studios, taking the role of teaching our gorgeous Ballet Minis!